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Our mission is to create a space where individuals have a chance to develop and share their talents and expertise towards a sustainable life. We strive to find solutions to basic needs such as shelter, food and water, energy and community life.

Around the year we host volunteers of all ages from around the world who wish to learn more about a sustainable lifestyle and discover the real Jamaica.

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NEW! One Month Internship

Experience and learns self-reliance. In our new internship program you will gain hands-on experience and knowledge of...

  • Personal development including meditation, yoga, exercise

  • Community Life helping the support and growth of local youth

  • Culinary Skills including holistic cooking of vegan, fermented & Raw foods

  • Organic farming introduction plus agrobusiness & vermiculture

  • Natural Building of sustainable super abodes, cobs and more

  • $450US per month includes accommodation, food and instructions

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