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Durga’s Den mission is to create a space where individuals have a chance to develop and share their talents and expertise towards a sustainable life. We strive to find solutions to basic needs such as shelter, food and water, energy and community life.

Ecological Toilet workshop


Beat the drought this year! Stop flushing your water down the drain. This workshop will teach you the pros and cons of different sanitation systems and teach you how to.. 


  • Choose the right systems for you

  • Plans to two major systems

  • demonstration and hands on experience allowing you to build your own.

  • Date: January 2019. Contact us for dates

  • Schedule: 1pm to 4pm (3hrs est.)

  • Cost: $2500.JA


Soil fertility clinic


Join us to learn how to produce the best bio ferilizers, compost and teas, vermicomposts, green cover crops and  Efficient Micro organisms...


  • Learn how to create a rich and healthy soil produces rich and healthy plants

  • Learn agricultural self-defense against pest and drought.

  • Crucial first steps in organic farming

  • Date: December 2018. Contact us for dates

  • Schedule: 1pm to 5pm (4hrs est.)

  • Cost: $2500.JA


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