About us

Durga’s Farm reflects our desire to build a place of abundance and learning, where strengths are united to fill many of the world's needs and urgent problems of shelter, food, water and higher necessities such as spiritual freedom.

Our resilience plan below reflects the ethos of our home and farm which aims to tackle and create a sustainable answer to the previously mentioned problems

Water solutions

  • Sanitation

  • Rainwater collection

  • Rainwater filtration & storage

  • Greywater recycling

  • Swales

  • Ponds

Soil Solutions

  • Living Soil

  • Nutrient cycling

  • Compost creation

  • Vermicompost

  • Biofertilizer

  • Soil Protection

Climate change answers

  • First aid response

  • Hurricane safe zones

  • Flood response

  • Food security

Sustainable Food

  • Regenerative agriculture

  • Agroforestry system

  • Local seed saving

  • Local alternatives and sourcing

  • Organic Market trading

Know How

  • Consultancy

  • Workshops

  • Projects

  • Partnerships

  • Alliances

Housing Design

  • Natural housing

  • Green roofs & Thatched roofs

  • Natural plastering & paint

  • Ecological friendly toilets

  • Bioclimatic design

Health awareness

  • Ayurvedic cuisine

  • Kombucha Tea

  • Home-made bakery

  • Natural skincare

  • Massages


  • Yoga

  • Meditation

  • Sweat lodge

  • Intuitive healing

  • Community Living

Your Ideas

  • If you have any ideas for projects, classes, exhibitions or anything else please do not hesitate to get in touch with us - CLICK HERE TO CONTACT

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